Home news Warlingham couple pay out over 'paedophile' posters

Warlingham couple pay out over 'paedophile' posters


A Surrey couple have paid compensation to a man after they put up posters wrongfully calling him a paedophile. Mark and Samantha Phillips’ posters also claimed neighbour Richard Osborn had “probably… sexually abused prepubescent children”. The posters were put up in May 2016 in Warlingham, where all three lived. Mr and Mrs Phillips offered Mr Osborn an undisclosed sum in compensation and paid his legal fees after admitting the allegations were untrue.At the High Court, Mr Osborn’s solicitor Mansoor Yamin told Mr Justice Nicklin: “The defendants in substance alleged that the claimant is a dangerous, predatory paedophile who has or probably has sexually abused prepubescent children and/or is highly likely to do so in the future, and accordingly poses an immediate risk to the public.”Mr Yamin told the court Mr and Mrs Phillips had accepted that the allegation was wholly untrue and that there was no factual basis for making such a false and damaging allegation.”The defendants recognise that the notices were very damaging to the claimant’s reputation and they were hugely distressing, humiliating and frightening for him.”He said the couple had withdrawn their allegation and apologised to Mr Osborn.
Source: BBC